Axcess created a highly scalable, AWS Elastic Transcoder, PaaS-based transcoding solution that allows users to quickly and easily manage multiple types of input sources and distribute digital media to any device at any standard rate. The automation, scalability and event-driven processing architecture powered by AWS Elastic Transcoder all add up to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.


  • The system must be triggered when a new file is dropped in predefined S3 Bucket.
  • Files must be copied and transferred to a separate bucket using customer specific naming conventions. With transcoding completed, the original file must be automatically archived.
  • Files generated must use HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and generate a range of output sizes, all while maintaining specific segment durations for each clip.

What we did

  • Developed event-driven solution that is automatically triggered by specific user actions.
  • Used AWS Lambda functions to achieve the automation required for transcoding, the generation of expected output formats and the deletion of the original file.
  • Created signed url that could be used by viewers to stream video.

Exceeding The Highest Standards

We are proudly recognized as 'Advanced Consulting Partner' and 'Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Service Delivery Partner' of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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