Managed IoT Platform

We enable IoT Services for Your Hardware. We provide a configurable SAAS platform with pre-built tools to manage customer, device and data built on a highly scalable AWS serverless IoT platform.

Currently, deploying an IoT solution involves custom-building basic and common tasks like customer profile management, billing management,data management, device management, etc.With, product companies can focus on the hardware and core solution, and deploy the solution usingtools and modules pre-built into our platform.

Robust and Scalable

Built on AWS IoT platform providing secure data connections and interactions with AWS services and other devices.

Robust and Scalable

Easily integrates with popular CRM like Salesforce, which takes care of all tasks of sales, marketing automation, customer relation and other customer management needs.

Exceeding The Highest Standards

We are proudly recognized as 'Advanced Consulting Partner' and 'Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Service Delivery Partner' of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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