Automating Transcoding using AWS service (Elastic Transcoder , Lambda, S3 notifications)

This blog also also covers: Sample Lambda function Integrating S3 event notification with Lambda function. Creating Elastic Transcoder job  using Lamdba Function.. Elastic Transcoder is one of the very interesting  AWS service which is extremely easy to use via console. However, when it comes to transcoding automation for the media files uploaded on S3, it turns […]

Recover an EC2 Linux instance

AWS Cloud Security

I see this question quite often in different forum. People may not be able to log in to their instance because of a number of reasons: You just launched and an instance, and your instance is not ready yet. Your instance is attached to a security group that doesn’t have ssh (port 22) You lost password […]

Asynchronous POST Upload to AWS S3 using PHP

I came across this functionality while helping one of my friends trying to upload a video file from his browser.  I found some pointer from AWS website, however, it took some time for me as I encountered some new concepts like base64 encoding, adding policy and signature in HTTP header etc. This was the first link I found […]

Sending email using AWS SES service

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is very simple and cost effective way to send emails. You can use AWS SES service to send customer notifications, marketing messages, or any other type using high quality rich content email themes. These are the few simple steps to start with AWS SES services: 1) Sign-up for AWS […]