Running NBFC Workload on AWS

Digital transformation in Finacial Services is impossible without modernizing your core system. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is built to handle the complexity, rigour, and regulatory requirements unique to the Financial Services industry. By running your core system on AWS, you can access the agility and speed you need at any time, break down the siloes that hold your data hostage, and drive innovation at the enterprise level – all while reducing IT costs. Integrate your most valuable data with the cloud to automate manual processes, improve customer experiences, and launch new market-facing applications more quickly. AXESS.IO, an AWS Advanced partner has deep industry expertise, solutions that align to AWS best practices, and AWS-certified staff.

Having said that, though operating on the cloud has immense opportunities in terms of business growth while being able to process and analyze hundreds of terabytes of financial data in very little time, it has its own list of setbacks. Migrating into a cloud infrastructure that doesn’t address these setbacks could turn the whole finance sector into a disaster.

In addition, NBFCs are highly regulated. RBI has published guidelines in regards to the outsourcing of IT Infrastructure. These requirements are very stringent and have been designed to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or geopolitical problem.

But the good news is that AWS with its local legal entity named Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL), meets all the compliance requirement from the RBI. We have published a couple of whitepapers in this regard:

Running NBFC Workload in AWS

Meeting RBI’s NBFC Compliance on AWS

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