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Provision of Amazon WorkSpaces Quickly, Securely and at Scale. Not convinced, contact us for a test bed. We can create a PoC setup for you at no cost.

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Easily & securely provision cloud-based desktops at scale

Deploy your corporate desktop environment on the AWS Cloud, providing your users secure, convenient access to the applications, documents, and resources they need, on the device of their choice from almost anywhere in the world. Our automation not only provisions Amazon Workspaces faster, but it can easily integrate with your process. You can even enable self services to raise requisition to provision a cloud desktop, and it can automatically provision an Amazon WorkSpaces upon the approval.

Use Cases

Amazon WorkSpaces is ideal for any situation where desktop needs can change quickly.
High Security
Bring Your
Own Device
Development &
QA Envns

Integrate with your existing corporate infrastructure

Amazon WorkSpaces easily integrates with your on-premises environment & Active Directory, allowing your users to continue using their corporate credentials, & your IT department to maintain existing policies & processes. You can incorporate your existing multi-factor authentication (MFA)  by connecting your RADIUS server with Amazon WorkSpaces for increased security.

The Axcess advantage

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Future-proof your organization

Modernize your IT infrastructure by amplifying the power of the cloud. The future is Cloud. The future is Axcess!
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Convert challenges into opportunities

Our innovators bring deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to resolve your enterprise-wide complex challenges.
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Guaranteed security

Sophisticated security controls and information governance protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud – today, tomorrow and always.
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Reimagining Remote Access Working With Serverless Work Environments

Leverage the power & the scale of the Cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces. Provision as many desktops as you need without the high costs or complexity of on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

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