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Our Cloud Migration Services provide well-designed, systematic approach to enable organizations to transform their cloud journey with tried and true migration best practices from planning to execution for a successful migration to AWS cloud.

Many businesses find themselves grappling with challenges to innovate and differentiate an expensive, fragile and archaic IT infrastructure that delivers limited business value.  As your business grows so does the demands on your infrastructure to maintain and grow. There are several driving factors that are moving customers towards cloud such as increased investments in infrastructure, increased storage and data needs, security, innovation and flexibility to name a few.

The complexity, cost and risk of migration can make the sheer thought of migration overwhelming. Our Cloud Migration Services enables our customers to transform, differentiate and gain a competitive edge by providing efficient, secure & risk-free migration experience.

Cloud Journey

We can assess your application and build a roadmap for you
/ Lift and Shift
Quickly move your application to cloud using AWS lift and shift migration tools.
Cost Reduction
Time Required
1-2 months
/ Cloud Optimized
Move you workload to a cloud optimized environment.
Cost Reduction
Time Required
3-9 months
/ Cloud Native
Re-architect your application to leverage the cloud.
Cost Reduction
Time Required
6-12 months
What we offer Clould transformation Services

Cloud Strategy
To successfully move your applications and environments to the cloud and extract its full value for digital transformation, a holistic migration strategy is absolutely critical. Our consultants will help you design, build and execute a tailored cloud strategy to streamline your migration as per your current needs, while ensuring full agility and scalability to accommodate your future goals.
Cloud Migration
Traditional infrastructure cannot keep up with new business demands. That’s why more and more organizations are transitioning from on-premise, legacy systems to the cloud. Cloud migration offers business-critical advantages like lower costs, greater flexibility and scalability, and faster speed-to-market. Moreover, migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) reduces increases efficiency, and minimizes downtime.

Our technical and product experts will simplify every step of your AWS migration process, and future-proof your cloud infrastructure.
Database Migration
Cloud database migration unlocks new capabilities for modern businesses. It also lowers costs, increases agility, and creates a competitive advantage in the era of Big Data. Our skilled team can simplify this complex endeavor, and seamlessly move your on-premise data to the cloud.

AWS migration experts will assess your organization’s needs, draw the technical architecture, design the migration strategy, and build a migration solution that minimizes risks and ensures data integrity.
Database Freedom
Built for the cloud, Amazon Aurora modernizes databases and applications without comprising performance. It combines the speed, security, availability and reliability of commercial databases (at 1/10th the cost!) with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

Our team of AWS specialists have expertise in numerous database technologies, and can help you seamlessly migrate your current Oracle, Microsoft SQL or other database to Aurora to achieve full database freedom.

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