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Elevate Your Infrastructure with AWS Containerization for Agile, Scalable, and Efficient  applications

Accelerate Your App Modernization with, embracing AWS Managed Containers for speed, security, and efficiency.

Welcome to's App Modernization solution, where we harness the power of AWS managed container services, including ECS, EKS, Fargate, AppMesh, and Lambda Containers. Simplify application integration, enhance security, and reduce costs with seamless containerization using App2Container.

At, we empower businesses to embark on a transformative journey with our 'Move to Container' App Modernization service. By leveraging AWS managed services, such as ECS, EKS, Fargate, AppMesh, and Lambda Containers, we help you shift operational responsibilities to AWS, enabling your team to focus on innovation and development. Embrace the efficiency of application containerization using in-house and industry leading tools, ensuring auto-managed infrastructure with AWS . Experience the benefits of speed, agility, security, operational resilience, and cost optimization as you delight customers and unlock new market opportunities.
Move to Container

Empower your cloud-native innovation with AWS-managed containers.

Accelerate Application Deployment
With's containerization services on AWS, experience lightning-fast application deployment. Our streamlined processes and AWS managed container services like ECS and EKS enable you to develop, test, and deploy applications at unprecedented speeds. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual setups and hello to agility in your development lifecycle.
Fortify Your Security and Stability
Rely on our AWS-certified team to fortify your applications with robust security measures and operational resilience. Reduce risks, roll out security updates seamlessly, and boost customer confidence in your services.
Monetize Your Investments Sooner
AWS Containerization empowers agile development and deployment. Quickly build, test, and deploy applications, enhancing your ability to respond to market changes and deliver new features faster than ever.

App Containerization Benefits

Easily move to AWS containers with Simplify containerization, streamline processes, boost scalability, and optimize resource efficiency for seamless migration.


Faster Deployment

Boost Speed, Agility, and Excellence with AWS Containers.


More Features

Realease more features after you move to containers.


Fewer Security Incidents

Containers bolster security, reduce incidents through isolation and control.

Migrate to modernize with AWS Specialized Modernization Partner

Work with an AWS X-Spec Modernization Partner to embark on seamless cloud migrations and drive transformative modernization journeys.

Key Advantages of Database Migration

  • Improved Performance:
    Faster processing
    Quicker query times
  • Cost Savings:
    Reduced maintenance costs
    Lower licensing fees
    Optimized databases
  • Enhanced Security:
    Advanced security features
    Protection of sensitive data
    Prevention of unauthorized access
  • Scalability:
    Easy expansion of databases
    Accommodation of growing data needs
    Minimal downtime

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